How it works

At the core of Smart Motorways is the traffic management system.
The traffic management system used within the department's Smart Motorways uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse real-time traffic data and predict traffic congestion. The individual technologies that comprise the system communicate with each other to proactively respond to traffic conditions.
For instance, if an on-ramp is experiencing large volumes of traffic the system will communicate with nearby motorway on-ramps, requesting that they moderate signals to reduce traffic flow onto the motorway. This allows the congested on-ramp to clear and motorway traffic to continue to flow.

Once the congested on-ramp has recovered, traffic signals will automatically adjust and allow traffic to flow, maximising volume on the motorway.
Alongside these technologies, Traffic Management Centres (TMCs) around south-east Queensland monitor closed circuit television (CCTV), weather detectors and other traffic data collection devices that feed into the system.