Roadside data systems

Roadside data systems such as traffic detectors and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are used to quickly detect and respond to motorway incidents, as well as build intelligence on the operation of the motorway network.
Traffic detectors are installed within the road and sense the frequency of travel flow. This information feeds into the traffic management system to moderate traffic signals up and down the motorway and can also help to identify traffic incidents.
CCTV cameras and webcams feed footage into a centralised traffic management centre to assist with analysing traffic conditions, confirming incidents and monitoring recovery and emergency services responses.
Real-time information gathered from technologies automatically feeds into the traffic management system, enabling it to intuitively respond to the conditions by:

  • Closing lanes following accidents or incidents on the motorway and directing traffic to adjacent lanes

  • Communicating travel times and information to commuters via electronic message signs along the motorway

  • Adjusting speeds on variable speed limit signs to prevent the on-set of stop-start traffic

  • Altering the frequency of traffic lights on motorway on-ramps to reduce or increase traffic flow onto the motorway as required.